Media History from the Margins

Last week I had the privilege and pleasure of attending a CSF summer seminar at Monte Verità entitled Media History from the Margins. The conference was convened by Gabriele Balbi, Andreas Fickers, François Vallotton, and Anne-Katrin Weber. The Monte Verità location in Italian speaking Switzerland was both a beautiful and historically relevant setting for the […]

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Bay Area Video Coalition!

I’ll be giving a talk about audio-visual preservation in Ghana and the forthcoming video documentary my friend Anita Afonu is making about these issues at 6 pm this Thursday, September 15, 2011 at the wonderful and amazing Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, CA. AV Preservation in the Not-So-Global Digital World Post-colonial African filmmakers […]

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Films from the Archives

On May 13th 2011 Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (a group of passionate audiovisual archivists who have gone to Ghana for the past four years to do audiovisual preservation trainings and workshops with Ghanaian audiovisual caretakers, an organization that I’m proud to say I’ve been involved with for the past three years) and New York University Accra […]

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ISD Sort Finished!

We began a process of sorting through the film collection at the ISD Central Film Library in October 2010 to separate the deteriorated film from those films that were still salvageable and to record basic information about the films in the collection. Previously there was no complete catalog or record of the films in the […]

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