Ghana Films

Below is a list of films produced in Ghana by the Colonial Film Unit (CFU), Gold Coast Film Unit (GCFU), Ghana Film Unit (GFU), or the Ghana Film Industry Corporation (GFIC). In addition to basic information about the films such as the release date and director, I’ve also included a section entitled “archival location.” This section indicates the location of some of the surviving prints and/or video copies of the films in Ghana’s many audiovisual collections like: Information Services Department Film Library (ISD), TV3 Network Limited (TV3), Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), or National Museum of Ghana (NMG). For more information about Ghana’s audiovisual collections see Cinema Collections in Ghana.

Title (year) production company, director, archival location
A River Creates an Industry (1954/55) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
Accra Market (1948) CFU, [unknown], ISD
Accra Town Council (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Amenu’s Child (1950) GCFU, Sean Graham, ISD
Awuni’s Vegetables (1955) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
Boy Scout Rally (1947) CFU, [unknown], ISD
Community Games (1985) GFIC, [unknown], ISD [soundtrack only]
Cult of Twins: Customary Rights for Twins (?) GFU, [unknown], NMG and ISD
Death on Wheels (?) GBC, Ebo Wilson, ISD
Departure of Sir Alan Burns (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Dipo at Puberty (1978?) Ghana Museums and Monument Board, NMG
Dr. Nkrumah in Nigeria (?) GFU, [unknown], ISD
Farming for Profit (1972) GFIC, Anson Wordie, ISD
Freedom for Ghana (1957) GFU, Sean Graham, ISD and TV3
Fuseni’s Cash Crop (1953) GCFU, George Noble, ISD
Ghana Dances (?) [unknown], [unknown], NMG
Ghana Goes Metric (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Ghana News: Tribute to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (1972) Ghana Film, [unknown], ISD
Ghana Our Motherland (1988?) Ghana Film, Chris Hesse, ISD
Ghana Police (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Ghana Prime Minister Visit to India (1958) GFU, Ezra-Mir, ISD
Ghana Republic (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Gold Coast Review (1) (1949) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
How to Register (?) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
I Told You So (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
It Pays to Spray (1957) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
Kente (196?) [unknown], Marlon Johnson and Frank Johnson, NMG
Kofi the Good Farmer (1953) GCFU, [unknown], ISD
Kukuramtumi (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Literacy Days in Fantiland (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Miss Ghana 1988 (1988) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Musah the Mixed Farmer (1956?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
New Chief Installed (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Nnwonkoro and Adenkum (?) GBC, E. Ablorh-Odjida, ISD
NRC 2nd Year in Office (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Odwira Festival—Aburi Gardens #3-4 (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
Our New Currency (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Panoply of Ghana (1984) GFIC, S. Aryeetey and A. Yanney, NMG
Pinto (1987) [unknown], K. Yirenkyi, ISD
Power to the People (1982) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
President JJ Rawlings Visit to South Africa (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Rice Production in Ghana (1972) GFIC, [unknown], ISD
Salute to a Queen (1953) GCFU, Sean Graham, ISD
Suddenly Freedom (Overthrow of CPP in 1966) (1967)GFIC, Charles Owusu, ISD
Swollen Shoot (1948) CFU, H.E. Lironi, ISD
Tema Harbour (?) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
The Boy Kumasenu (1952) GCFU, Sean Graham, ISD and TV3
The Enemy in the Night (1961?) GFU, [unknown], ISD
The Lost Fisherman (1966) [unknown], [unknown], ISD
University College of the Gold Coast (1948) CFU, [unknown], ISD
Welcome Home! (1946) CFU, [unknown], ISD
7th Anniversary of June 4th (?) GFIC, [unknown], ISD

4 thoughts on “Ghana Films

  1. i could be wrong but i will like you to check the writer and director of the film death on wheels, because to the best of my knowledge it was Ato Yanney

  2. Suddenly Freedom (Overthrow of CPP in 1966) – Was shot and directed by my father (Charles Owusu) in 1967. He was then heading a unit within the Ghana Film Industry from 1965 – 1970.

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