Political Vulgarity in the Margins

“The question of whether humor in the postcolony is an expression of ‘resistance’ or not, whether it is, a priori, opposition, or simply manifestation of hostility toward authority, is thus of secondary importance. For the most part, those who laugh are only reading the signs left, like rubbish, in the wake of the commandment. Hence […]

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ISD Film Library in 1954

The Information Services Department (ISD) Central Film Library was started during the colonial era to provide access to educational films for missionaries, educators and government touring cinema vans. Most of the early films in the collection were made in Britain but a few were actually made in what was then the Gold Coast. After independence […]

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Relevancy of Mobile Cinema Vans Today

I asked an ISD Assistant Information Officer what the relevancy of cinema vans was today when there are so many other forms of communication in Ghana like radio, television, cell phones and the Internet. He answered without hesitation, listing the four reasons in succession. Making a number one with his index finger, he dictated, “One: […]

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African Cinema: Roots

I recently read a 1993 interview by Kofi Anyidoho with Kwaw Ansah [Ghanaian director of Love Brewed in the African Pot (1981)]. The interview covers a range of topics including funding issues in Africa, problems finding trained technicians and Kwaw Ansah’s then new production A Woman Abandoned. What I found most rewarding from the interview […]

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Great News from the ISD Film Library!

On Wednesday, 22 September 2010, a collection of PAL VHS dubs of twenty different films from Information Services Department (ISD) collection was delivered from the ISD Central Offices to the ISD Cinema Department Film Library in North Industrial Area. The VHS tapes are transfers of early pre and post independence Ghanaian films, including some rare […]

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