ISD Sort Finished!

Patience Allotey and a day's worth of discarded films.
We began a process of sorting through the film collection at the ISD Central Film Library in October 2010 to separate the deteriorated film from those films that were still salvageable and to record basic information about the films in the collection. Previously there was no complete catalog or record of the films in the collection and no work had been done to preserve the films in the collection for posterity and future access. Unfortunately after a couple weeks of work our project was put on hold for six months. It was only recently that we began to work again, finishing the project on May 18, 2011. With the help of 6 awesome National Film and Television Institute students, 2 United States PhD students, 1 American volunteer, New York University professor Mona Jimenez, and the ISD Cinema Section staff the project has been a major success but with bittersweet results.
The new film library!

After sorting through the total ISD Central Film Library collection we found that only 626 films were salvageable out of 5,250 films or 12% of the total collection! 3,189 films were spoiled and 1,435 films were considered so damaged that it would take a great deal of financial resources to salvage. As a result of the sorting process we now have a current list of films that are in the ISD collection, though some films, because of a lack of information on their can, are still unidentifiable and need detailed inspection before more information can be gathered about them.

THANK YOU once again to all that helped make this project a success!


One thought on “ISD Sort Finished!

  1. I am so glad that the major objective of making our films accessible is gradually be coming materialise through this initial step of sorting out the film. It is my hope that this project gets completed soon inorder to save the future of many of the film and our film heritage. Nana

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