Films from the Archives

On May 13th 2011 Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (a group of passionate audiovisual archivists who have gone to Ghana for the past four years to do audiovisual preservation trainings and workshops with Ghanaian audiovisual caretakers, an organization that I’m proud to say I’ve been involved with for the past three years) and New York University Accra held a screening of Ghanaian related films recently preserved by the United States Library of Congress at the National Film and Television Institute in Accra, Ghana. Excerpts from four films were screened: Family of Ghana (1958) a co-production between the National Film Board of Canada and the Ghana Film Unit about the modernization of sea fishing on the coast of Ghana; African Writers of Today (1964) a US television production featuring Lewis Nkosi, Dr. William Abraham and Wole Soyinka; Claude & Etta Moten Barnett Home Movies of West Africa (ca. 1957) containing footage of downtown Accra as well as images from Nigeria and Liberia; and Hamile: The Tongo Hamlet (1964) a Northern Ghana adaptation of the Shakespearean play. For more information about the films screened check out the program notes.

Before the screening DVD access copies of Claude & Etta Moten Barnett Home Movies of West Africa and Hamile: The Tongo Hamlet were donated to the following key Ghanaian educational and media institutions: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Information Services Department Central Film Library, National Film and Television Institute, University of Ghana, and the National Archives.

The following photos of the screening are courtesy of Kara Van Malssen.

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2 thoughts on “Films from the Archives

  1. I have over 200 pieces of Movie Star Fan mail from Ghana circa 1957-58 to 30 + stars and 10 + movie studios. Many of which were from small towns which shows the interest in U.S. movies in that time period

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